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Icon Coating


PTFE, TiN, chrome or PVD – We offer any coating. Base for the coating is either a sample or your special requirement. We also may recommend you coatings according to our experience.



Almost every knife can be reground. Ask us if it is more economic to regrind or replace your knife. Whether smooth or serrated blade, rotaiting knives as well as straight knives. We are able to regrind toothed knives (eg. for packaging machines oder tube bag machines). Only professionally reground knives are as NEW!



With pleasure we analyse your samples, support you for example with a series of experiments or also to compile possible alternatives. Ask about: Material analyses, hardness testing and dimension protocols.



We provide advice on new developments and improvements with pleasure – even with custom-made or unique pieces. Come up with your wishes, ideas and demands.

Knive Manufactory

Do you need fast prototypes, does a manufacturing shutdown threaten or do you wish special materials?

Production engineering with time advantage:
  • Laser treatment
  • Tempering furnaces and grinding machines capacity
  • Express-portal milling machine
  • Reduction of delivery times
  • Clear rise of state times
  • Reliable company group